BENOIT™ is a fractal analysis software for Windows that enables you to measure the fractal dimension and/or hurst exponent of your data sets using your choice of method(s) for analysis of self-similar patterns and self-affine traces. A white noise filter (Fourier or Wavelet) and self-affine trace generator are two additional features in the computer program. Users interested in information about fractals and the methods can refer to detailed help files. BENOIT™ is a great resource for learning about fractal methods and an analysis tool for researchers, and students who analyze data in economics, earth sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, and other disciplines.


BENOIT for Matlab is a fractal analysis toolbox for Matlab 6.5 or higher.

BENOIT™ and BENOIT for Matlab  are successfully used by research professionals from around the world. More than 300 universities worldwide use BENOIT as a standard tool for their fractal analysis needs.

Fractal Dimension calculation methods for self-similar patterns Hurst Exponent calculation and Fractal Dimension calculation methods for self-affine traces Methods for estimation of Fractal Dimension of size-frequency data
  • Box dimension
  • Perimeter-area dimension
  • Information dimension
  • Mass dimension
  • Ruler dimension
  • 3D box dimension (available only in BENOIT for Matlab
  • Rescaled range analysis
  • Power-spectral analysis
  • Roughness length
  • Variogram
  • Wavelets (not available in BENOIT for Matlab) 
  • Fragmentation dimension (not available in BENOIT for Matlab)

... the variety of fractal analysis methods available in BENOIT, together with generally detailed help files and significant user control of operations, make BENOIT a good resource for learning about and using fractal analysis methods.

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